Colorado Springs Startup Week is a week-long celebration of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and the creative spaces and places that make up the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem.

Startup Week is a collective demonstration of Colorado Springs’ COMMITMENT to ENTREPRENEURIALISM, INCLUSIVITY, and STARTUP SUPPORT to all participants that experience the week.

Everyone who participates will LEARN something that BENEFITS their business or them personally. Participants will have the opportunity to CONNECT with others, and participate in SHOWCASING OUR COMMUNITY as an emerging startup market not to be ignored.

Justin Shoup

Flagship Services Group
Regional Sales Manager
I've got an insatiable appetite to learn, I love traveling because every time I explore a new place I come back having learned so many valuable lessons that impact my everyday life moving forward. I have a belief and a core principle about culture setting the tone for success. I believe that talent sets the floor and character sets the ceiling. I'm one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet and I'm always up for a challenge.