Colorado Springs Startup Week is a week-long celebration of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and the creative spaces and places that make up the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem.

Startup Week is a collective demonstration of Colorado Springs’ COMMITMENT to ENTREPRENEURIALISM, INCLUSIVITY, and STARTUP SUPPORT to all participants that experience the week.

Everyone who participates will LEARN something that BENEFITS their business or them personally. Participants will have the opportunity to CONNECT with others, and participate in SHOWCASING OUR COMMUNITY as an emerging startup market not to be ignored.
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Briana Rickertsen

Colorado Lending Source
Loan Officer
Even before underwriting begins, Briana assures that both the potential borrower and lender are on the same page, that the Small Business Administration 504 loan program is the right fit, and articulates every step of the loan approval process. Briana is eloquent with her words and participates in countless lender panels and trainings throughout the year to help educate our partners and small business owners.
It’s hard to say how many countries Briana’s visited since joining our staff in 2012 (seriously no one can keep up), but with travel as her passion, she never fails to think outside the box and pushes herself outside her comfort zone on a daily basis.