Colorado Springs Startup Week is a week-long celebration of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and the creative spaces and places that make up the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem.

Startup Week is a collective demonstration of Colorado Springs’ COMMITMENT to ENTREPRENEURIALISM, INCLUSIVITY, and STARTUP SUPPORT to all participants that experience the week.

Everyone who participates will LEARN something that BENEFITS their business or them personally. Participants will have the opportunity to CONNECT with others, and participate in SHOWCASING OUR COMMUNITY as an emerging startup market not to be ignored.
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Jessica Daniels

Structure Real Estate Group, The Success Collective
Realtor at Structure REG, Designer at Jessica Daniels Homes, LLC., Chief Operating Officer at The Success Collective
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jessica Daniels is a multi-passionate business woman who is out to make a positive difference in her community.
Jessica opened Real Deals on Home Décor in Colorado Springs in 2007 and immediately took to designing the showroom. Many clients invited her into their homes for advice and insight on decorating, potential renovations, and color selections. It was there that her love for helping other people design their homes began. For the past eight years, she has been welcomed into many homes to brainstorm ideas and offer creative solutions to utilize odd areas.
She is a managing broker at Structure Real Estate Group, as well as the owner and key designer of Jessica Daniels Design. As a realtor and designer, Jessica helps clients to sell and buy existing homes, dream up and create new custom homes and re-envisions current spaces to maximize functionality and incorporate stunning design.
Jessica believes that we all can make a positive impact in our Colorado Springs community which is how she became the Chief Operating Officer at The Success Collective, a business collaboration group of amazing women who empower each other and those around them through strategic marketing, business building, social outreach and charity events.