Colorado Springs Startup Week is a week-long celebration of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and the creative spaces and places that make up the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem.

Startup Week is a collective demonstration of Colorado Springs’ COMMITMENT to ENTREPRENEURIALISM, INCLUSIVITY, and STARTUP SUPPORT to all participants that experience the week.

Everyone who participates will LEARN something that BENEFITS their business or them personally. Participants will have the opportunity to CONNECT with others, and participate in SHOWCASING OUR COMMUNITY as an emerging startup market not to be ignored.
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Lyndzi Barns

Lyndzi Barnes is a Colorado Springs native who lives and breathes love for this city. She started her entrepreneurial career at the young age of 19 and continues to grow and prosper year after year. With a focus on productivity, leadership, culture, and branding, Lyndzi has developed a certain set of skills that has helped her develop her business into a 7 figure thriving business that has continued to scale and grow year after year. She is a certified coach in the dance industry and is very excited to share her knowledge with the Colorado Springs business industry.