Colorado Springs Startup Week is a week-long celebration of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and the creative spaces and places that make up the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem.

Startup Week is a collective demonstration of Colorado Springs’ COMMITMENT to ENTREPRENEURIALISM, INCLUSIVITY, and STARTUP SUPPORT to all participants that experience the week.

Everyone who participates will LEARN something that BENEFITS their business or them personally. Participants will have the opportunity to CONNECT with others, and participate in SHOWCASING OUR COMMUNITY as an emerging startup market not to be ignored.

Terry Zarsky

Strategic Services Librarian - Business
20 N Cascade Avenue
Terry Zarsky is one of the community's most valuable resources. In an age where endless data is available on everything, knowing where and how to find the answer you need becomes a skill without price. Her experience as a reference librarian means she knows what resources are available and how to use them. Her passion for information means that she is dedicated to sharing that information in a way that makes it accessible to the everyday searcher. With Terry to guide you through the intimidating labyrinth of books and online databases, finding the answers you need becomes a fun challenge rather than an intimidating ordeal.

On the clock or off, in the library or at a community event, Terry is always eager to share learning and experience. She is an engaging and passionate speaker with a real love of her subject. Terry is often a featured speaker at the Small Business Development Center helping people understand the resources available to them to build successful business plans and understand target marketing. With her help, the research process is streamlined as she leads people to find exactly the right information for their particular purpose.

Terry has been recognized on a national basis for excellence in her field. She was the 2003 New York Times Librarian of the Year. In 2005 she won the Dun & Bradstreet Public Librarian Award, given to a public librarian for excellence in business reference service and extensive involvement in the community. Her community involvement is not limited to business oriented organizations such as the Southern Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce. She is actively and passionately involved in supporting Colorado Springs All Breed Rescue, frequently serving as a foster home for at-risk shelter dogs.